Engage Youth in STEM!

We are looking for STEM professionals in any field related to science and engineering who want to share their expertise and engage students in STEM pathways!

Volunteer Opportunities

We would love to have your support in Space Club! Read about our opportunities and then complete the interest form below.

Space Club Career Chats

Share your story in STEM! Join a 30-minute virtual Q&A based on questions by elementary and middle school students. Share photos and stories on your pathway to STEM and current job responsibilities to inspire students toward STEM pathways.

Career Chat Playlist

Virtual Competition Judge

Space Club students are submitting their ideas for a habitat on the Moon or Mars! We are looking for judges to review submissions and send a short video message of encouragement and feedback to their assigned teams. They will be thrilled that someone cares about their work!

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Contact Natasha Wilkerson, Director of Space Club, at [email protected]


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